Speaking with Labels Flexibles & More during the 7th Specialty Films and Flexible Packaging Conference in Mumbai, Anurag Mehta, Michelman's National Sales Manager and Yogesh Pitake, our Technical Manager, discussed Michelman’s priority of solving customer’s problems with sustainable solutions.

A well-known company for its development of barrier and functional coatings, Michelman is a global developer and manufacturer of environmentally friendly advanced materials for various industries. The company offers extensive solutions for coatings, printing & packaging, and industrial manufacturing markets. Leading manufacturers all around the world use Michelman’s water-based solutions to enhance performance attributes of their products.

Michelman launches new and innovative products at regular intervals to meet their customers’ growing needs and expectations. Sensing the need for sustainable products, the company has recently launched their range of sustainable products in India.

Labels Flexibles & More got an opportunity to speak to the company's National Sales Manager Mr. Anurag Mehta and the Technical Manager Mr. Yogesh Pitake at the recently concluded 7th Speciality Films and Flexible Packaging Conference held in Mumbai.

yogesh pitake anurag mehta

Talking about their sustainable solutions, Anurag says, “At Michelman, we believe in providing sustainable solutions and do not just focus on sales.  Every time we visit our customers we find out their problems and provide suitable, sustainable solutions to their problems. We are one of the leading heat seal suppliers in the industry. Due to the new regulation, there is an increasing need for mono-material structures. We are currently focused on targeting the vast single serve sachet market.”

He added, “Our technology manager has come out with a new solution of heat seal lacquer that can be applied on polyester and on a BOPP film. The mono-material structure like a polyester/polyester laminated with metalized polyester, along with our HSL can be used to make pouches or sachets."

"One of the important recyclable developments is the barrier coating solution for paper where you can get oxygen barrier and moisture barrier for most dry food packaging applications. The flexible packaging industry is now booming, and people are keen to invest in innovative flexible packaging structures"

- Yogesh Pitake

“Recently we have conducted a production run and have achieved excellent results. Regarding the commercial feasibility, the oxygen barrier coating is either cost-effective or is cost-neutral.”

Speaking on the trends of the market, Yogesh said, “There is definitely a change in the existing trend. With government regulations in place, the converter has to look for a replacement that is not only compliant with the regulation but it also has to be cost-effective.  For example, a converter who has a three-layer polythene blowing line but doesn't have a facility for co-extruded nylon has to invest in a five-layer or a seven-layer blowing line, which turns out to be expensive. Alternatively,  he can use his existing three-layer polythene line and use our oxygen barrier coating with a normal gravure coating process.”

He stressed the fact that Michelman products do not require substantial investment and can be run on their existing standard gravure machines.

He added, “Besides oxygen barrier and heat seal coating for polyester, we are also working on our water-based matte coating for films and texture coating that provides some textures like sandy finish or a paper look and feel to a film at a lower coat weight compared to other chemistries.”

ice cream cup, corn masala cup, edible oil pouch

Speaking on Michelman's latest innovations, Yogesh said, "We have developed a solution for paper cup applications where we have replaced the polyethylene layer in paper cups so that the solution becomes 100% recyclable and repulpable. More than 99% of the pulp can be regained out of the coated material.  Apart from paper cup applications, this solution can be used for ice cream packaging applications as well. This coating not only acts as a water, oil and grease resistant barrier but also has sealable properties. India is one of the world’s biggest importers of virgin pulp used in the food packaging industry. With our solutions, it is possible to regain 99% of the pulp and reuse it for food contact applications, thereby reducing import.’’

“One of the important recyclable developments is the barrier coating solution for paper where you can get oxygen barrier and moisture barrier for most dry food packaging applications. The flexible packaging industry is now booming, and people are keen to invest in innovative flexible packaging structures."

Concluding the interaction, Anurag said that Michelman’s top priority is to solve customer’s problems. “Our efforts are in place for the right chemistry for the right application and that's how we are successful globally. There is receptivity within the converters in India, within the film manufacturers and within the brand owners to adopt change. Brand owners and converters are always looking for new products and are willing to change provided there is some value addition or some cost savings involved. We see double-digit growth in the packaging industry in the coming years and do not see any downward trend.”

(2018 September 4) Michelman’s Range of Unique Sustainable Products. Republished with permission from Labels Flexible & More.