Dynamic India is changing at a rapid pace and Michelman India is always thinking ahead.

Our Michelman Innovation Centre for Coatings is a place where 70 years of water-based coating expertise converge to help our customers excel in the diverse range of markets they serve with sustainable and responsible solutions. As a global developer and manufacturer of environmentally friendly advanced materials for industry, we offer solutions for the coatings, printing & packaging, and industrial manufacturing markets.

Located in Mumbai, this center’s focal point is a sustainable packaging incubator strategically designed to serve the needs of India and its surrounding markets to allow for fast, efficient development of sustainable packaging solutions. Our combination of dedicated materials and application labs, opportunity for collaborative innovation, and infusion of water-based technology allows for all members of the packaging value chain to achieve sustainability for the natural environment and their business

Sustainable Future

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Michelman India – The Right Time, The Right Place

Michelman is excited about India’s future. We are committed to India for the long-term offering India's packaging industry a sustainable future.

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Eco-friendly Barrier Packaging Solutions

Michelman India has developed sustainable solutions for paper cups and edible oil packaging. This recyclable solution for paper cups has high seal strength, water, oil & grease resistance. Michelman's coating for flexible pouches replaces nylon/EVOH but still provides oxygen barrier for freshness.

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