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Michelman India – The Right Time, The Right Place

Michelman is excited about India’s future. We are committed to India for the long-term offering India's packaging industry a sustainable future.

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Eco-friendly Barrier Packaging Solutions

Michelman India has developed sustainable solutions for paper cups and edible oil packaging. This recyclable solution for paper cups has high seal strength, water, oil & grease resistance. Michelman's coating for flexible pouches replaces nylon/EVOH but still provides oxygen barrier for freshness.

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Michelman's Range of Unique Sustainable Products

National Sales Manager, Anurag Mehta, and Technical Manager Yogesh Pitake speak with Labels Flexibles & More about Michelman's focus on sustainable products for India.

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Opportunity Lies in Running as Fast as the Marketplace

Steve Shifman, Michelman's president and CEO, sat down with PrintWeek India's Rushikesh Aravkar and Abhishek Muralidharanto to discuss the future of sustainable packaging and our company's role in leading the effort. The original article appeared in PrintWeek India on October 24, 2018.

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Plastic Waste Management Compliance Solutions

Michelman is committed to providing sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging solutions for India's evolving flexible packaging market.

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Michelman Develops Recyclable, Water-Based Coating Solution to Replace Nylon or EVOH in Edible Oil Packaging

Michelman's recently developed PWMR-compliant coating for edible oil packaging is water-based, recyclable, and eliminates the need for nylon or EVOH while still providing oxygen barrier for freshness.

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