Michelman’s best-in-class water-based flexible packaging technology for India is a complete system of enabling technologies that allows for environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging solutions.

Our coatings are developed to work together, but flexible enough for individual technologies to work with existing coating systems to create superior packaging.

Heat Seal Technology:

Water-based heat seal coatings designed to adhere to an array of substrates including films, foil, and paper, over a wide temperature range.

  • Seals through contaminations
  • Improves productivity through increased line speeds
  • Provides excellent hot tack and low seal initiation temperatures
  • Machines well with capability of wide range of COF values
  • Enhances shelf appeal with superior clarity

Barrier Technology:

Water-based oxygen barrier coatings designed for polymer films that can withstand fracturing and pinholes.

  • Increases shelf life of oxygen sensitive products
  • Maintains barrier throughout processing and distribution
  • Apply as one part ready-for-use
  • Enhances visibility with superior transparent coating

Primer Technology:

Water-based primers that promote print receptivity and adhesion of water-based and UV cured inks and coatings on a variety of substrate materials.

  • Provides rub and chemical resistance through processing and distribution
  • Increases productivity and flexibility through use of single primer for multiple ink systems
  • Improves shelf and graphic appeal

Overprint Varnish Technology:

Water-based overprint varnishes (OPVs) that allow brand owners to use filmic substrates and create a soft velvety texture with a paper look.

  • Enhances shelf appeal with a natural appearance
  • Allows mixture of look and texture on package with registration
  • Converts with one part ready-to-use
  • Provides excellent heat and rub resistance


Apply Michelman technology to your packaging opportunities.