Even with the uncertainty created by the spread of COVID-19, sustainability has continued to be a hot topic for flexible packaging. Explains Shailesh Nema, Vice President & Managing Director of Michelman India, "The COVID-19 situation has impacted the packaging industry. However, it is encouraging to see that brand owners and converters continue to focus on developing recyclable packaging structures."

The Indian government has shown its commitment to supporting more sustainable packaging solutions by making recyclability, downsizing, and down-gauging top priorities for Indian manufacturers and multinational companies. The increased awareness of consumers and brand owners and the plastic ban regulation provides an excellent opportunity to create paper and paperboard-based packaging solutions. Still, there are several challenges in using paper for packaging, including poor barrier properties. Improving paper's barrier properties is a crucial step in increasing its viability as a packaging material. Improved moisture, gas, water, oil, and grease barrier technology can overcome paper packaging limitations.

The use of functional coatings offers paperboard packaging improved water barrier for seafood, fruits, and deep-freeze applications like ice cream tubs and frozen food. These coatings also provide excellent print receptivity and can even enhance the aesthetics of the product.

The Pulp and Paper Times discusses how Michelman coatings play a vital role in building sustainable and recyclable packaging structures to ensure standard barrier needs.

(2019 August 25)
Barrier Coating Technology for Paper & Paperboard
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